“After having rotator cuff surgery in late September, I made my debut at Damon Physical Therapy for my first session.

The first several weeks were not pleasant. Yet it was no surprise because Damon explained everything I would encounter even before we started, If not for his encouragement and persistence, I might have given up. Nothing was a revelation. Therapy went exactly as he described from the beginning. My millions of questions concerning everything he was doing were never too much for him. He would patiently stop and explain.

I just want to thank you Damon for your expertise and most importantly, your patience. I already have 85-90% of my mobility back. The experience was not what I expected. You have exceeded my expectations. It was your goal from the beginning to do so. Discovering someone who is not only knowledgeable but dedicated to his profession seems to be a hard find nowadays. It’s refreshing to find someone like you in these times where patients feel like just another number. Thank you again very much”

Anne R.

“With a combination of professional knowledge, empathy with the customers , infinite patience, and a steady but sure persistence in extracting improving performance from the patients, makes this a unique and valued facility and service in this me too age.”

Meenakshi P.

“Couldn’t have been any better.Professional and courteous. Couldn’t be happier. Total Hip replacement. Walking again without pain.”

Margaret R.

“I’ve been going here for about 3-4 weeks and I cant tell you its the best PT I’ve ever been to. Had a disc go in my back and the first day I could barely limp in and now I’m at the point where I’m doing light weight and moving around very good. I honestly am shocked at how fast they have gotten me to this point. Damon is super hands on and pays close attention to detail. I see this with every patient he is with. His knowledge is unmatched and I would highly recommend here. Its not your average place where they will just throw u on a machine and walk away. Every person is treated with the utmost importance. Looking forward to my next few weeks there and I feel better than ever!!”

Trenbologna S.

“I had L4/L5 disc problems that caused severe Sciatica nerve pain – and Damon got me back to being Pain Free!! Not only am I sitting and walking fine, but I’m even skiing again! Thanks Damon!”

Chris T.

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Erin M.

After several failed attempts to improve my chronic neck and shoulder pain, I’m so glad I found Damon. The entire staff was warm, friendly, and professional. Damon and the other physical therapists truly listened to my concerns and provided exercises to help me reach my goals. I noticed some improvement after only a few sessions, and with their continuous support, I eventually regained mobility in my shoulder and neck. I even shared a few laughs with the staff, which made my experience fun and memorable. Although I have been to other physical therapy facilities, none were as effective or enjoyable.”

Jennifer B.

“When I first started going to Damon I could hardly walk and was in so much pain with my back. Thanks to Mike at Performance Rehabilitation I have come so far. My orthopedic was amazed at my progress, and the fact I was able to rehabilitate with minimal medication. I highly recommend this therapy center… They are amazing!”